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Scalpel vs. Bullet: Expert Perspectives on Gun Trauma teaser image
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Scalpel vs. Bullet: Expert Perspectives on Gun Trauma

Cedars-Sinai trauma surgeons share what it’s like to treat gunshot victims, their medical perspectives on the increase in gun-related deaths—and how they maintain objectivity as th...

Discoveries / Jul 17, 2019

Edge of Tomorrow teaser image
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Edge of Tomorrow

To bring access to tomorrow’s breakthrough therapies, novel devices, and new approaches to today’s patients, academic medical centers must embrace and promote clinical research as ...

Discoveries / Feb 19, 2019

Innovation: It’s Academic teaser image
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Innovation: It’s Academic

Can academic medical centers like Cedars-Sinai do better at shepherding innovations that help patients? Our surgeon in chief thinks so.

Discoveries / Jul 27, 2018

Equity Investment teaser image
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Equity Investment

All the best medical centers strive for health equity — but it cannot be achieved through lip service. We must embrace a deep understanding of the concept and teach it to the next ...

Discoveries / Oct 25, 2017

Sex Matters teaser image
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Sex Matters

Sarah Kilpatrick, MD, PhD, discusses the goal of gender equity in health research to prevent women from being misdiagnosed, overprescribed, or otherwise harmed by a medical system ...

Discoveries / May 03, 2017