Ask a Doc: What Is Texting Thumb?

All that texting, swiping, and scrolling can send you to the doctor as well as to your favorite apps. It can lead to inflammation, pain, and even surgery.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jul 29, 2019

Mumps: What You Need to Know

Mumps used to be an achy, swollen-faced illness that most kids miserably weathered over a couple of weeks—while others dealt with complications that lasted a lifetime. Thanks to vaccines, mumps is dramatically less common than it used to...

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jul 07, 2019

Selfie Safety

Most selfie-related injuries are a result of distraction—people get so focused on taking the perfect shot that they ignore basic safety.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 18, 2019

Is running good or bad for your health? We asked a Cedars-Sinai doctor. | ...

"The injury rates for running are not necessarily high, but they are real," says Dr. Carlos Uquillas.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 02, 2019

Torn Achilles Tendon FAQs

A torn Achilles tendon is a notoriously difficult injury to recover from.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Mar 03, 2019

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Studies have shown that having a pet can be good for everything from your heart to your brain.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 18, 2019

What You Need to Know About Measles

The measles virus is among the most highly contagious known viruses.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 13, 2019

Getting the Most from Your OB-GYN Appointment

We asked OB-GYN Dr. Matthew Siedhoff how women can get the most out of their least-favorite checkup.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Dec 24, 2018

New Parents & Grandparents—What Vaccines Do You Need?

Which vaccinations should you get to protect your baby?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 21, 2018

Who Should Get the Shingles Vaccine?

Shingles can cause a severe—and often debilitatingly painful—rash that can occur anywhere on the body.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 15, 2018

Yoga Injury Prevention Tips

Yoga is more laid back than CrossFit, running, or lifting heavy weights, but you can still get injured.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 10, 2018

Do I Really Need a Flu Shot?

We asked an expert: Who really needs to get the flu shot?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 01, 2018

Desk Yoga: Poses to Try at Your Desk

These simple stretches can help relieve the pain and stiffness that comes with sitting at a desk all day.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Sep 15, 2018

Summer Health Risks for Chronic Conditions

Some common medical issues, even when well controlled, can flare up in the sun and heat.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Aug 13, 2018

Is it Bad to Use Cotton Swabs in Your Ears?

We asked otologist (ear specialist) Dr. Yu-Tung Wong.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Aug 01, 2018