Fertility Options for the LGBTQ+ Community

Planning for a family can be overwhelming. We asked Cedars-Sinai expert Dr. Jessica Chan about fertility options for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 17, 2020


Do Fertility and Ovulation Apps Work?

Many women use mobile apps that can track fertility and ovulation, but do these apps really help with getting pregnant? Dr. Jessica Chan, an OB-GYN at Cedars-Sinai, helps answer the question if fertility apps work and explains the pros ...

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jan 29, 2020

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Making Birth Better: Kimberly Gregory, MD, MPH

Kimberly Gregory, MD, MPH, is on a professional mission to make childbirth a safer and more fulfilling experience—not just for her own patients, but for all women.

Discoveries / Dec 17, 2019


Exercise During Pregnancy: What's Safe?

The biggest misconception women have about exercising while pregnant is that they can't do it at all, says Dr. Keren Lerner, OB-GYN at Cedars-Sinai.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 21, 2019

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Pregnancy After Cancer

Young women with breast cancer are often cautioned against having children for fear of an increased risk of cancer returning or spreading. Cedars-Sinai investigator Philomena McAndrew, MD, is challenging that conventional wisdom.

Discoveries / Aug 16, 2019

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Scientific Dream Team Aims to Make Preeclampsia a Relic of the Past | ...

The pregnancy disorder preeclampsia can strike in a flash, endangering both mother and child. A dream team at Cedars-Sinai is determined to render this disease—a leading cause of maternal mortality—a relic of the past.

Discoveries / Jul 01, 2019


What You Should Know About Preeclampsia

"There's no reason for a woman to feel guilty about getting this disease. It's just bad luck. It's not your fault."

Cedars-Sinai Blog / May 21, 2019


What to Bring to the Hospital When Having a Baby

In addition to must-haves, childbirth educator Carlie Baiocchi has tips for creating a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Mar 20, 2019


Multiple Sclerosis & Pregnancy: Good News for Patients

It wasn't all that long ago that doctors thought women with MS shouldn't get pregnant.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Mar 02, 2019


Gestational Diabetes Facts: Diagnosis, Risks & Effects

Most women who get gestational diabetes do well as long as it is adequately managed.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 28, 2019

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Stop the Stigma

Cedars-Sinai launched the Postpartum Depression Screening, Education, and Referral Program, which aims to evaluate every one of the more than 6,500 women who give birth at Cedars-Sinai each year to support at-risk women.

Discoveries / Feb 18, 2019


Treating Postpartum Pain: Back, Pelvic & More

Learn from an expert at Cedars-Sinai about conditions women often face after giving birth, exercises that can help, and when to consult a physical therapist.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Nov 05, 2018


New Parents & Grandparents—What Vaccines Do You Need?

Which vaccinations should you get to protect your baby?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 22, 2018


Can I Get a Flu Shot While Pregnant?

Dr. Sarah Kilpatrick answers common questions about pregnancy and the flu.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 07, 2018


Studying What Women Want During Childbirth

Cedars-Sinai is studying women at several hospitals in Southern California to examine various needs based on the type of facility they choose for childbirth.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jul 19, 2018