Tips for Parents of Kids with Diabetes

The potential for serious complications is one of the reasons Amy and Ethan have been proactive in educating Shiloh about managing her diabetes.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jul 11, 2019

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth: Tips for Parents and Family

"We need to be open to educating ourselves. Coming from a place of curiosity and empathy is the best stance for approaching these issues."

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 03, 2019

Dealing with Bullying: A Guide for Parents

As a parent, how do you talk to your kids about bullying?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / May 27, 2019

Teen Line gives adolescent kids a much needed outlet

Teen Line provides a safe, confidential place to talk things out with another teen who can understand and will listen but not judge.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / May 11, 2019

How to find the right pediatrician for you and your family

Your comfort level with a doctor is ultimately going to be one of the most important factors in getting the best care for your child.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Apr 27, 2019

Understanding Rare Diseases

Study of a rare disease revolutionized how we treat one of the most common diseases and the #1 cause of death in the world.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 26, 2019

What You Need to Know About Measles

The measles virus is among the most highly contagious known viruses.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 13, 2019

What Should Parents Know About Congenital Heart Defects

About 1 out of 100 babies born in the US are affected by congenital heart disease.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Feb 04, 2019

New Parents & Grandparents—What Vaccines Do You Need?

Which vaccinations should you get to protect your baby?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 21, 2018

Parents: How Sick is Too Sick to Go to School?

Pediatrician Karina Eastman's advice on what illnesses should keep kids at home and when they can go back to school.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Aug 19, 2018

#LittleDodgerFan Alika Throws Out First Pitch

Alika's favorite Dodgers player, Yasiel Puig, caught her first pitch.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Aug 04, 2018

COACH for Kids Joins Forces with Summer Night Lights

Cedars-Sinai's COACH for Kids will join Summer Night Lights for two events to offer healthcare services to children and their parents.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jul 16, 2018

Swimmer's Ear (Otitis Externa): Symptoms & Treatment

Did you know you don't even have to get in the water to get swimmer's ear?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / May 14, 2018

Overuse Injury Prevention for Young Athletes

"No professional baseball pitcher throws year-round. They just won't last that way."

Cedars-Sinai Blog / May 05, 2018

10-Year-Old Kidney Transplant Patient Manages Health

After his kidney transplant, 11-year-old Noah made vows to his doctor to stay healthy. And he's keeping them.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Apr 07, 2018