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HuffPost: TikTokers Are Using This Common Acne Treatment as Deodorant. Does It Work?

HuffPost recently interviewed Cedars-Sinai dermatologist Brandon Cohen, MD, about the use of glycolic and salicylic acids to treat body odor—a popular social media trend—and whether they are safe and effective. 

Glycolic and salicylic acids are commonly used as exfoliators. Social media influencers have also touted these products as deodorant substitutes. While these acids remove dead skin cells that bacteria need to thrive, it’s more important to address sweating in the armpits to control odor, Cohen told HuffPost. For patients diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, a common medical condition in which a person sweats excessively, dermatologists often prescribe Botox injections or prescription antiperspirants and wipes to limit underarm sweat.

For individuals who are not struggling with excessive sweating or body odor but want to try something different, “it’s reasonable to try the acids,” Cohen said. He recommended starting gently because a stronger, more expensive product isn’t necessarily better. “I think I would just focus on one that is a lower concentration and ease into it,” he told HuffPost.

To reduce the risk of irritation, Cohen recommended using a body or face wash in the shower that contains one of the acids as an ingredient. He also suggested properly rinsing the armpits to avoid having any product stuck in the underarms for the rest of the day.

Because everyone may respond differently, Cohen advised exercising caution when trying a new skincare treatment, especially for those with sensitive skin.

“I think the main concern would be these acids acting as an irritant on the skin. The skin on your armpit is already very thin,” he told HuffPost.

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