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Real Simple: How to (Safely) Take a Road Trip During Coronavirus

Real Simple recently interviewed pediatric infectious disease expert Priya Soni, MD, about road trip safety in the age of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). While road trips are not risk-free, the article explained, they're safer than flying.

Soni warned readers to take extra caution at the gas pump, as the handles have been touched by countless people.

To protect yourself, wear gloves while pumping gas; just don’t touch your cell phone or face when wearing the gloves, Soni told Real Simple. And throw them into a trash can immediately after. She also recommended paying at the pump instead of paying indoors.

When it comes to dining, road travelers should minimize risk by sitting outside. But wear a mask whenever you’re not sitting at your table, Soni told Real Simple.

She also suggested that if dining at a restaurant doesn’t seem worth the risk, eliminate as much contact as possible and order takeout or use the drive-through. Soni also suggested taking the food to an outdoor location to eat, such as a lake or park.

And, possibly most important, Soni said that post-road trip, travelers should lay low for a little while.

“Stay indoors for a few days after returning and avoid contact with other people as much as possible,” Soni told Real Simple. “Monitor how you’re feeling and acquaint yourself with common symptoms of COVID-19, including an overwhelming sense of fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, fever and diarrhea.”

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