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Just Published: Discoveries Magazine Summer Issue

Cedars-Sinai's Award-Winning Publication Spotlights Medical Research and Its Impact on Patient Care

The Summer 2019 issue of Discoveries, Cedars-Sinai's flagship magazine, is now available in print and online. Published twice a year, Discoveries showcases scientific discoveries and the patients who benefit from those breakthroughs.

"In this issue, we share some of the stories that highlight the human touch that makes Cedars-Sinai so special," wrote Shlomo Melmed, MB, ChB, executive vice president of Academic Affairs and dean of the medical faculty, in his letter to Discoveries readers. "Reading about each patient's experience, it becomes clear that he or she could just as easily be you or me—or our spouses, sisters, brothers, children, parents or grandparents. The narratives are universal, and they are unanimous in showcasing the singular benefits of Cedars-Sinai's signature compassionate care."

The latest issue features three major articles:

  • "No Time for MS," which details the evolving treatment of multiple sclerosis—how stronger medications and more sensitive diagnostic tools are changing patients' lives.
  • "A Race Against Lightning," a story about research into preeclampsia. Cedars-Sinai investigators are on the cusp of a potential test for early detection of preeclampsia—a leading cause of maternal mortality—as well as a new treatment.
  • "Not Lost in Translation," which covers Cedars-Sinai's Research Center for Health Equity, a newly formed endeavor to identify the Los Angeles communities that are most prone to cancer mortalities.

Known for its eye-catching artwork and compelling content, Discoveries has received many honors, including an award from the Society of Publication Designers and the Robert G. Fenley Writing Award from the Association of American Medical Colleges/Group on Institutional Advancement Awards for Excellence.

Click here to read Discoveries stories. Readers also can request a print copy of the next issue of Discoveries by emailing groupeditorial@cshs.org.

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