Los Angeles,
10:02 AM

COVID-19 Update from Cedars-Sinai President and CEO

"Cedars-Sinai is here for you," Says Thomas M. Priselac

Cedars-Sinai is preparing to care for an expected surge of patients in coming weeks, says Thomas M. Priselac, president and CEO. In a three-minute video address to the community and staff members, Priselac highlights the ways Cedars-Sinai has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting the community.

"Our teams have been meeting around the clock to plan for an expected surge of COVID-19 patients over the next few weeks," Priselac says. "We're all working together to develop ways to ensure that we will be ready to meet the needs of our community. This includes exploring the use of additional alternative locations to care for inpatients at Cedar-Sinai that will enable us to expand our capacity if needed, developing a variety of ways to source the equipment and supplies needed to care for our patients and keep our staff safe, and working with our medical staff, nurses and other healthcare professionals to optimally deploy their skills during this crisis.

Priselac also mentions that Cedars-Sinai recently contributed more than $2 million to help community organizations that provide housing, food assistance and access to healthcare for those in need during the pandemic.

He adds that support from the community strengthens Cedars-Sinai's ability to serve.

"When I talk with our staff, they tell me how much they're inspired by the outpouring of support from you for what they do," Priselac says. "Whether it's comments of gratitude on social media, meals donated and delivered by local restaurants to feed our staff, donations of money to support our nurses and clinical programs or just saying thank you to one of our staff, it's heart-warming to see what the people of Cedars-Sinai mean to you."

Priselac concluded: "The weeks ahead will undoubtedly be difficult for everyone. Cedars-Sinai is here for you."