COVID-19: Cedars-Sinai In the News

Links to media coverage of Cedars-Sinai's COVID-19 response: 

In viral video, doctor falsely touts hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 ‘cure’ | -- July 28

What Will Tisha B’Av Look Like During A Pandemic? | Jewish Journal -- July 23

Some COVID-19 Survivors Still Have Symptoms Months After Contracting Virus, Doctors Don’t Know Why | KTTV-TV -- July 23

Cedars-Sinai is Fighting Severe Coronavirus Symptoms with Arthritis Drug | Los Angeles Daily News -- July 14

COVID-19 antibody trials have begun | JAMA -- July 14

Think You Or Someone You Live With has Coronavirus? What You Should Know And Do | CNET -- July 12New Surge Of Cases in California Hospital | ABC News Online: GMA3 -- July 13

Recovered From Coronavirus? Sick Patients Need Your Blood, and Hospitals Say Supplies Are Low | Los Angeles Daily News -- July 12

The Covid Gender Gap | CBS This Morning -- July 10

Heartburn Medication Use Doubles COVID-19 Risk, ‘Stomach Acid Is There For A Reason’: Study | International Business Times -- July 8

For Some, Surviving COVID-19 Is The First Step In A Long Road to Recovery | KCRW-FM  -- July 7

Proton Pump Inhibitor Use Doubles Risk for COVID-19 | Healio Gastroenterology -- July 7

Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked to Heightened COVID-19 Ri sk | TIME Online  -- July 7

Coronavirus Can Infect Heart and Brain Cells, Studies Suggest | Newsweek -- July 1

5 questions parents should ask before a coronavirus pand5 Questions Parents Should Ask Before A Coronavirus Pandemic Play Date | Huffpost -- July 1

Does COVID Mess with the Menstrual Cycle? | MedPage Today -- June 29

Rising Coronavirus Cases Put Fresh Strain On Mask Supplies | Wall Street Journal -- June 27

Virtual Reality Helps Medics Beat Coronavirus | Forbes -- June 19

A Plan for Real-Time Contact Tracing in The U.S. | Harvard Business Review -- June 16

Medical Bias: From Pain Pills to COVID-19, Racial Discrimination in Health Care Festers | USA Today June 14

Antibody Therapies to Cure Coronavirus Now Under Human Trial Phase | Business Today -- June 11

National Coronavirus Updates: NASA, Fitbit Get FDA Approval for Ventilators to Help Virus Patients | MSN Health & Fitness -- June 3

First Human Trial of Potential Antibody Treatment for COVID-19 Begins | CNN -- June 1

Anticoagulants and COVID-19 Complications | MD Mag -- May 29

Temporary Emergency Guidance to US Stroke Centers During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic | Stroke Journal -- May 30

How to Wear Your Coronavirus Mask: Cedars-Sinai Medical Experts Have the Answers | MyNewsLA -- May 26

CDC Report on Feces and Coronavirus Will Change How You Use the Bathroom | Inverse -- May 21

Risk of Coronavirus Transmission is Lower Outdoors, Experts Say | Spectrum Bay News -- May 21

Coronavirus Grief is Like No Other. ‘Everything Just Feels Fake’ | New York Daily News -- May 21

Cedars-Sinai Study Suggests Universal Testing of Asymptomatic Pregnant Women May Not be Necessary at Every Hospital | KNX-1070 News Radio -- May 20

Health Systems Unite, Urge Patients to See Timely Care Amid Pandemic | Los Angeles Daily News -- May 20

In A World ‘So Upside Down,’ the Virus is Taking A Toll On Young People’s Mental Health | New York Times -- May 20

Don’t Delay if Cancer Symptoms Appear—Call Your Doctor | US News & World Report -- May 18

COVID-19: Compassionate Use Study of Remdesivir Argues for Its Efficacy | Physician’s Weekly -- May 18

Active vs. Passive Immunity | US News & World Report -- May 18

Cancer Surgery in Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic | US News & World Report -- May 18

Expect More Cases of Strange Coronavirus Syndrome in Kids, Doctors Warn | CNN -- May 13

What Parents Need To Know About Well-Child Visits During Coronavirus | HuffPost -- May 13

Experimental Treatment is Designed to Fight Fatal Immune Response in Coronavirus Patients | Science Daily -- May 13

COVID-19 Isn’t Just A Respiratory Disease. It Hits the Whole Body | CNN -- May 12

Virus Survivors Could Suffer Severe Health Effects for Years | Bloomberg News -- May 12

Cedars-Sinai Researchers Find Human Heart Tissue Infusion Successful in Treating Coronavirus Patients | KCBS-TV -- May 12

Doctors Test Whether Female Sex Hormones Could Help Men Fight COVID-19 | NPR -- May 12

AHA News: Doctors Consider Possible Stroke and COVID-19 Connection | US News & World Report -- May 12

Cedars-Sinai Doctors Treat Coronavirus with Lab-Grown Human Heart Cells | Los Angeles Daily News -- May 12

Rethinking COVID-19 in Children | New York Times -- May 12

7 New Coronavirus Symptoms That Are Surprising Doctors | MSN Health -- May 9

Some Coronavirus Patients May Suffer From ‘Micro-Strokes’ That Are Too Small To Notice. Dizziness Or Confusion Could Be A Sign. | Business Insider -- May 8

How To Improve Your Respiratory Health In Case You Get COVID-19 | CNN -- May 6

Coronavirus Can Invade Our Intestines As Well As Our Lungs | Newsweek -- May 6

How To Improve Your Respiratory Health In Case You Get COVID-19 | CNN -- May 6

Having heart symptoms? Don’t delay care during pandemic | HealthDay -- May 4

Morning Briefing: LA scientists take on COVID-19 research | LAist -- May 4

How to talk to your neighbors about social distancing | CNN -- May 3

Cedars-Sinai played a role in emergency approval of promising COVID-19 drug | LAist -- May 3

U.S. hospitals promise new safety measures to ease patient fears after coronavirus crush | Reuters -- May 2

Cedars-Sinai expert weighs in on uncertainty surrounding coronavirus antibodies | KCBS/KCAL -- May 1

Why is COVID-19 striking men harder than women? | Time Online -- May 1

Column: How Cedars-Sinai got sucked into the battle over Trump’s claim of a COVID-19 treatment | Los Angeles Times -- May 1

Opinion: Could ‘Innate Immunology’ Save Us From the Coronavirus? | New York Times -- May 1

Capricor Therapeutics shares soar 250% on successful COVID-19 treatment news | Yahoo Finance -- April 30

Confused about all those coronavirus testing options? Here’s a consumer’s guide | Orange County Register -- April 30

How COVID-19 is impacting residency education: The Residents’ Perspective | Podiatry Today -- April 30

Antibody tests were supposed to help guide US reopening plans. They’ve brought more confusion than clarity amid coronavirus | USA Today -- April 30

What roles do children play in spreading COVID-19? | WebMD -- April 30

During coronavirus pandemic, don’t ignore symptoms of heart attack, stroke | HealthDay -- April 30

Xenex CEO explains how ultraviolet light is used to kill germs, bacteria in hospitals | FOX News -- April 29

COVID-19 continues to strike men harder than women | HealthDay -- April 29

Celebrating essential heroes during COVID-19 | Jewish Journal -- April 29

Beverly Hills PD applaud Cedars-Sinai healthcare workers | Patch -- April 29

Men will get female sex hormones to test possible coronavirus treatment, doctors say | Sacramento Bee -- April 29

Pulmonary embolism in COVID-19 patients: New numbers, little consensus | -- April 29

COVID-19 Continues to Strike Men Harder Than Women | U.S. News & World Report -- April 29

Why Are More Men Dying From COVID-19? | LiveScience -- April 28

Cedars-Sinai ER Director: Emergency Patients Are Afraid to Come to Hospital Due to COVID-19 | Jewish Journal -- April 27

Can Estrogen and Other Sex Hormones Help Men Survive COVID-19? | New York Times -- April 27

A Rampage Through The Body | Science -- April 24

Study of Hydroxychloroquine vs. COVID-19 Planned for SLE Patients | Lupus News Today -- April 24

Coronavirus Lingered in the Stool Samples of COVID-19 Patients for 22 Days, Study Shows | Newsweek --April 24

What to Know About California’s Testing Expansion | New York Times -- April 24

They Are Terrified’: Fearing Coronavirus, People with Potentially Fatal Conditions Avoid Emergency Care | ABC News -- April 23

Seniors With COVID-19 Show Unusual Symptoms, Doctors Say | CNN -- April 23

Cedars-Sinai Says COVID-19 Fears Prompting Patients to Avoid the ER Despite Serious Medical Issues | KABC-TV -- April 23

Hospitals Aim to Resume Procedures Postponed by Coronavirus | Wall Street Journal -- April 22

Chaplain Peggy Kelly Describes Caring for Patients During the COVID Pandemic | KNX-AM -- April 22

For Hospital Chaplains, Coronavirus Has Shifted Spiritual Care | US News and World Report -- April 22

COVID-19 fears keep people from hospitals, but doctors say call 911 for heart attack and stroke | CNN Online -- April 22

Where are the strokes and the heart attacks?’ Doctors worry as patients avoid ERs | Los Angeles Times -- April 22

Hundreds Receive Plasma From Recovered Coronavirus Patients in National Study | WSJ -- April 21

Doctors and Nurses are Using VR to Learn Skills to Treat Coronavirus Patients | CNN -- April 21

Doctors and Nurses Are Using VR to Learn Skills to Treat Coronavirus Patients | KABC-TV -- April 21

Anti-Viral Drug Can Stop Coronavirus From Reproducing, Studies Suggest | Los Angeles Daily News -- April 20

Chaplains at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Help Relay Messages Between Patients and Their Families | KNBC4 -- April 20

Coronavirus Can Cause Digestive Problems—What You Need to Know | Huffington Post UK -- April 20

In Effort to Help COVID-19 Patients, Red Cross L.A. Calls on Survivors to Donate Blood Plasma | KTLA News -- April 20

How Three Battle-Tested Veterans Declared War on Coronavirus | Los Angeles Daily News --April 19

Amid coronavirus outbreak, pregnant women reconsidering their delivery plans | Long Beach Press-Telegram Online -- April 17

Analysts Warn Against ‘Pretty Picture’ Painted by Gilead’s Coronavirus Treatment | Yahoo Finance -- April 17

Why Remdesivir Might Be a Good Bet Against COVID-19 | US News & World Report -- April 16

New Federal Guidelines for Re-Opening U.S. Expected as Coronavirus Cases Top 636,000 | US News & World Report -- April 16

Danny Trejo helps feed hospital workers on the front lines in Los Angeles | Good Morning America -- April 15

Cedars-Sinai ICU Nurses Use Technology and Teamwork to Care for Patients and Combat the Coronavirus | The Argonaut -- April 15

Coronavirus and Gastrointestinal Disorders | US News & World Report -- April 15

Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts Mental-Health Workers to Connect with Students Online | Los Angeles Times -- April 15

What To Do If You Or Someone You Live With Gets Coronavirus | C|net -- April 15

Remdesivir for COVID Study: Benefits Not Clear | WebMD -- April 14

As U.S. Leads World in COVID-29 Deaths, Trump Pushes to Re-Open Country in Early May | US News & World Report -- April 13

Experimental Antiviral Drug Shows ‘Hopeful’ Promise in Treating Coronavirus, New Study Finds | People Online -- April 13

Standing Too Close. Not Covering Coughs. If Someone is Violating Social Distancing rules, What Do You Do? | Time  -- April 13

Experimental Coronavirus Drug Shows Some Promise, Researchers Say | KNBC-TV -- April 11

Holy Oil, Masks and FaceTime: The Coronavirus Forces Catholics to Adapt Last Rites | Los Angeles Times -- April 11

Cedars-Sinai: Possible coronavirus drug shows encouraging results | OC Register -- April 11

Experimental Coronavirus Drug Shows Some Promise, Researchers Say | KNBC -- April 11

Antiviral Drug Shows Early Promise in Severely Ill Coronavirus Patients | WSJ -- April 10

Gilead’s Experimental Drug Remdesivir Shows ‘Hopeful’ Signs in Small Group of Coronavirus Patients | Washington Post --  April 10

How Frontline Doctors are Saving Coronavirus Patients with Innovative New Techniques, Sharing Advice | Newsweek -- April 10

Two Thirds of COVID-19 Patients Improve After Gilead Drug: NEJM | New York Times -- April 10

Dr. Oz: Complications from Hydroxychloroquine Were ‘Trivial Like Rashes’ | CNS NEWS Online -- April 8

How California Has Avoided a Coronavirus Outbreak as Bad as New York’s…So Far | Wall Street Journal -- April 8

Trials begin for potential COVID-19 drug Remdesivir | Jewish Voice, The -- April 8

Coronavirus: Keeping Doctors Safe | NBC4 -- April 7

Doctor develops process for identifying extreme COVID-19 cases and how to treat them | FOX News Channel Online -- April 7

California pulmonologist on how he’s identifying and treating extreme COVID-19 cases | FOX News Flash -- April 7

Trials begin for potential COVID-19 drug—it was initially developed to treat Ebola | -- April 7

An expert’s guide to fighting coronavirus stress | Health24 -- April 7

Coronavirus update: Experimental antiviral drug Remdesivir cleared for clinical trials | International Business Times -- April 7

How California has avoided a coronavirus outbreak as bad as New York’s…so far | Wall Street Journal -- April 7

Judson Haims: Don’t wait for your breath to become labored | Aspen Times, The -- April 6

Trials Begin for Potential COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir | U.S. News & World Report -- April 6

Trump Touts Lupus Drug For Fighting Coronavirus Despite Mixed Evidence | National Interest -- April 6

Doctors Develop a Protocol for Identifying and Treating COVID-19 Cases Likely to Be Most Serious | KNBC-TV -- April 6

Trials Begin for Potential COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir | HealthDay -- April 6

How One Patient's Battle With COVID-19 Changed U.S. Testing Protocols | Community Healthcare System -- April 6

Jews Are Celebrating Passover — Hospitalized with COVID-19, Or Not | Jewish Journal -- April 6

Lupus Experts Divided Over Hydroxychloroquine Use Against COVID-19 | The Epoch Times -- April 6

Growing Costs And Shrinking Revenues Squeeze Hospitals As They Brace For Coronavirus | NPR -- April 6

City, County Officials Now Recommend Wearing Face Protection in Public | Spectrum News 1 -- April 3

Perspective: The Invisible Hand — Medical Care during the Pandemic | The New England Journal of Medicine -- April 2

An Expert's Guide to Fighting Coronavirus Stress | U.S. News & World Report -- April 2

Q&A: Dr. Sam Torbati | Beverly Hills Weekly (scroll to page 10) -- April 2 

Virus is "Great Leveler" for 2 Very Different Los Angeles Hospitals | The New York Times -- April 1

New Anti-Viral Drug Testing | KCAL -- April 1 

Remdesivir: Cedars-Sinai Joins Worldwide Trial of Antiviral Drugs | Physician's Weekly -- April 1

Signs of Hope: Doctor Returns to Work After Recovering from COVID-19 | ABC News -- April 1

Coronavirus effects on pregnant women in L.A. hospitals | Los Angeles Times -- April 1

Diarrhea, nausea or vomiting may be first coronavirus symptoms in some patients -- March 31

Cedars-Sinai Joins COVID-19 Trial | KTLA -- March 31

Un hospital de Los Ángeles somete a prueba un posible medicamento contra el coronavirus | Univision -- March 31

Cedars-Sinai Joins Clinical Trial For Possible Coronavirus Treatment Drug | CBS Los Angeles -- March 31 

Patients with COVID-19 GI Symptoms Experience Delayed Diagnosis, Viral Clearance | Healio -- March 31 

8 Ways to Cope With Uncertainty During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Health Central -- March 31

Coronavirus In Los Angeles: 10 More Deaths & 548 New Cases In County; Cedars-Sinai Will Be Test Site For New Drug | Deadline -- March 31

L.A.’s Orthodox Jews Adjust Their Passover Plans During Pandemic | Jewish Journal -- March 30

Haims: Don’t wait for your breath to become labored | Vail Daily -- March 30

Help Feed the Frontline LA, local restaurant team up to feed healthcare workers at SoCal hospitals | ABC7 -- March 29

Shielding the Fetus From the Coronavirus | The New York Times -- March 27

Who You Need to Tell If You Get Diagnosed With Coronavirus | -- March 27

Cedars-Sinai / COVID-19 Rapid Response | BlackTie Magazine -- March 27

How You Can Help Feed Our Healthcare Workers | LAist -- March 26 

Cedars-Sinai calls for blood donations | Beverly Press -- March 26

COVID-19 Update; Schiff holds tele-town hall for West Hollywood tonight | Los Angeles Blade -- March 26 

How 10 hospital CEOs are responding to coronavirus this week | Becker's Hospital Review -- March 26

You’ve Tested Positive for COVID-19. Who Has a Right to Know? | Time -- March 26 

COVID-19 Update from Cedars-Sinai President and CEO | Los Angeles Sentinel -- March 26

Cedars-Sinai Pulmonologist on What You Need to Know About COVID-19 | Spectrum News1 -- March 25 

Coronavirus March 25: AHA urges patients to #StayHome & 14 notes from physicians, hospitals | Becker's Hospital Review -- March 25

Tech companies are crucial players in the coronavirus response. Are they contributing what’s most needed? | StatNews -- March 25 

LA Area Hospitals Braced for Surge of Coronavirus Patients | Spectrum News1 -- March 25

Hospitals turn to remote monitoring tools to free up beds for the sickest coronavirus patients | StatNews -- March 25

City National Bank donates $2M to help those impacted by virus | Long Island Business News -- March 25 

Los Angeles hospital is seeing patients of all ages with coronavirus | CNBC -- March 24

Actor Does His Part as Blood Donations Decline Due to Coronavirus Fears | Spectrum News1 -- March 23

Living With a Positive COVID-19 Result​ | Jewish Journal -- March 23

How to Care for Kids if You're Sick With Covid-19 | Wired -- March 22 

How You Can Help the Coronavirus Outbreak | The Washington Post -- March 21

Coronavirus and lung cancer: What you need to know | Lung Cancer Foundation of America -- March 20

‘This Will Be Their 9/11': How to Help Kids Cope with Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Orders | Los Angeles Times | Los Angeles Times -- March 20

Answering Your Novel Coronavirus Questions, Plus A Look At How Hospitals Are Navigating The Outbreak | AirTalk with Larry Mantel, KPCC -- March 19

Cedars-Sinai Holds Blood Drive After Social Distancing Practices Lead to Severe Shortage | KTLA News -- March 19
Additional Blood Drive Coverage:  KNX 1070 News Radio, CBS Local News

KNX Coverage: Cedars-Sinai Blood Drive - Employee Interviewed – March 19 
Cedars-Sinai Blood Drive - Parent of Heart Surgery Patient Donates to Pay it Forward – March 19 
Cedars-Sinai Blood Drive - Interview with Donor Ashley -- March 19
Cedars-Sinai Blood Drive - Top Local Story - Interview with Armando Romero -- March 19

Los hospitales colman sus recursos en tiempos de coronavirus; la gran ola que viene podría colapsarlos | Los Angeles Times  -- March 19 

Cedars-Sinai Preparing For Increase In Coronavirus Patients | CBS Los Angeles -- March 18

‘We Are on the Front Edge’: Cedars-Sinai Doctor on First Surge of Coronavirus Patients | Press Play with Madeleine Brand  -- March 18

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Surgeon Provides Perspective on COVID-19 | Fox 11 -- March 18 

Hospitals bracing for a wave of coronavirus patients | Los Angeles Times -- March 18 

Coronavirus Prompts Closures of LA Synagogues | Jewish Journal -- March 18

Cedars-Sinai Sets Up Medical Tents in Parking Garage to Screen Patients for COVID-19 | ABC7 -- March 17

Cierre de escuelas: Que Necesitan Saber los Padres? | Los Angeles Times -- March 15 

True Number of U.S. Coronavirus Cases Is Far Above Official Tally, Scientists Say | Los Angeles Times -- March 10

Does wearing a mask while traveling ward off illness? | ABC News -- Jan. 24