Condition: Pregnancy and perinatal health


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Women who are at least 18 years old and their newborn child(ren)
  • One of the following:
    • Pregnant
    • Has a child 6 months old or younger

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Not currently pregnant and/or no newborn children 
  • Females younger than 18 years old

Full Study Name

COPE Study: COVID-19 and Perinatal Experiences (IRB no. 00000750) 


The purpose of this study is to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the experiences of pregnant and new mothers (women who have given birth within the last six months). To this end, participants will be asked to complete online surveys that include questions about their thoughts, experiences and feelings related to the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also be asked to complete three online postnatal assessments with (optional) remote video visits, as well as provide biologic samples for analysis and one in-person visit. The assessments will evaluate how the mother and child are doing and are not related to COVID-19.

Principal Investigator

Wei Gao, PhD


Laurel Gilabert
Phone: 323- 393- 3181