Tumor Specimens and Cell Cultures

Condition: Brain tumor including gliomas and acoustic neuromas


  • Samples will be collected under a separate IRB-approved research study

Study Name

Immunologic, Genetic and Biochemical Studies of Retrospective and Prospective Tumor Specimens and Primary Cell Cultures (IRB no. PRO0008922)


This study will examine brain tumor growth and spread by studying the cancer stem cell, otherwise known as tumor-initiating cells. Specifically, the study will obtain cancer stem cells obtained from surgically resected brain tumors and inoculate these cells in the brains of immunodeficient mice. Researchers will conduct various immunologic, genetic and biochemical studies on existing and future cell lines and other specimens. In so doing, they hope to learn how brain tumors start and identify potential new treatment options.

The study also aims to determine whether cancer stem cells are the cause of brain tumors and whether they can be targeted biochemically and immunologically. Additionally, the behavior of tumor cells in 3D environment will be examined using a mini brain tissue model.

Principal Investigator