Mycobiome Temporal Dynamics

Fungal species in the genitourinary tract
Key Inclusion Criteria
  • Healthy patients attending routine visits at the Cedars-Sinai Urology Clinic
Full Study Name

A Study of the Temporal Dynamics of the Healthy Genitourinary Mycobiome (IRB no. 42600)


The purpose of this study is to determine what fungi and bacteria are present in the vagina, bladder, external anal canal, and on the skin of healthy women, as well as on the skin and in the bladder and external anal canal of men at different times. This information may help physicians better understand and treat a variety of lower urinary tract conditions and learn the relationships between mycobiome (fungi) and hormonal, medical and lifestyle factors. The study focuses on healthy women and men. Researchers aim to better understand the role of fungi in urinary tract disease by examining healthy volunteers and the relationship of fungal communities in different parts of the body.

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Anger, MD


James Ackerman
Phone: 610-216-0684