Cedars-Sinai Valley Network

The Cedars-Sinai Valley Network is a network of independent, community specialists who are integrated with Cedars-Sinai to provide the highest quality, continuous care for Cedars-Sinai patients in the San Fernando Valley.

Members of the network collaborate with Cedars-Sinai’s primary care physicians, hospitalists and established disease management programs to enhance patient outcomes, improve screenings, reduce duplicate tests and shorten hospital stays.

Patients referred to a Cedars-Sinai Valley Network doctor are encouraged to verify insurance prior to appointment.


Ashish Aggarwal, MD
Leo Kassabian, MD, FACC
John S. Tsakonas, MD, FACC
Isaac Wiener, MD
Jeffrey Work, MD

Colon & Rectal

Charles Headrick, MD

Ear, Nose & Throat

Marc Cohen, MD
Ali Namazie, MD


Richard Kuritzkes, MD
Henry A. Fischer, MD
Benedict Garrett, MD
Stephen G. Levinson, MD
David S. Schulman, MD
Kenneth Hepps, MD
Kenneth Buch, MD

General Surgery

Philippe J. Quilici, MD
Nojan Toomari, DO, FACS
Mudjianto Chandra, MD


Fawaz Faisal, MD


Gil Bender, MD
Ruslana Kadze, MD, MS, FACOG 
Joie Russo, DO
Neetu Sodhi, DO
James Danielzadeh, MD, FACOG


David Colvard, MD
Steven Yoon, MD

Pain Management

Jeffrey B. Glaser, MD

Pulmonary Medicine

Leonard Adelson, MD
Thomas J. Ence, M.D.
Khadir Kakal, MD
David Kamrava, MD
Nechemia Peleg, MD
Asher Qarni, MD
Steven M. Taback, MD
Sanjay Vadgama, MD
Shahryar Yadegar, MD


Boris D. Ratiner, MD
Adam Kreitenberg, MD
Jenny S. Oh, MD


Ali Afshar, MD
Daniel Cosgrove, MD
Eugene Dula, MD, F.A.C.S.
Michael J. Hyman, MD
Jennifer Mehdizadeh, MD, F.A.C.S.
Mayank Patel, MD


Sasan Najibi, MD
Zahi E. Nassoura, MD, FACS