David Underhill, PhD, Wins 2020 PRISM Prize

November 5

Internationally recognized hematologist John P. Chute, MD, has been selected to direct the Division of Hematology and Cellular Therapy in the Department of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Cancer. The physician-scientist also will serve as director of the Center for Myelodysplastic Diseases Research and associate director of the Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Ritchie Ho, PhD, (left) and doctoral student Thomas Mota review data from Mota's thesis project.

December 17

Researchers performed a cross-sectional study of 245,999 U.S.-based trials to learn more about how funding sources impacted completion times and rates. Investigators for the study, from Cedars-Sinai and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said that understanding how these differences affect study results could help guide future funding decisions to ensure maximum efficacy in the lab and the clinic.

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