About The Team

Dhruv Sareen, PhD
Executive Director, Biomanufacturing Center,Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences,Director, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core Facility
Loren Ornelas-Menendez
Manager, Biomanufacturing Center
Business and Administration
Allie Shamash
Senior Administrative Assistant
Process Development and Manufacturing
Raquel Martin Ibanez
Process Development Scientist
Lindsay Panther
Associate Biomedical Scientist
Aaron Frank
Biomedical Specialist
Emilda Gomez
Biomedical Specialist
Chunyan Liu
Biomedical Specialist
Erick Galvez
Biomedical Technician
Daniel Perez
Biomedical Technician
Susan Lei
Biomedical Technician
Imara Meepe
Biomedical Technician
Louis Pinedo
Biomedical Technician
Quality Assurance
Gloria Banfield
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Control
Chunyan Liu
Biomedical Specialist
Ruby Moran
Research Lab Assistant
Regulatory Affairs
Becky Donahue
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Operations and Facilities
Phillip Gutierrez
Facilities Supervisor
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