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Obstetrics / Maternity Quality Measures

The Obstetrics team at Cedars-Sinai strives to deliver the highest quality of care to all patients. As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to providing transparency for our patient outcome rates across a number of procedures.

The information below provides an in-depth look at the data for key procedures performed by Cedars-Sinai. These reports aim to reduce ambiguity in procedure outcome data, so that patients and their loved ones can make decisions with the utmost confidence regarding their medical care.

Pregnancy Quality Measures

The Joint Commission has established treatment guidelines that when followed have been shown to help patients recover more quickly with fewer complications or lasting effects. Cedars-Sinai's performance for The Joint Commission measures compared to other medical centers and hospitals around the nation are highlighted below.

Evidence shows that the practices described in the left column lead to better outcomes for patients who come to a hospital for birthing care. This data represents all hospitals across the United States that report data to The Joint Commission.

Pregnancy Care Quality Measures (2022)
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