Work and Life Matters Resources

Click on the links below to learn about publications, pamphlets and resources available through Work & Life Matters:

  • Confidentiality: For answers to commonly asked questions about EAP confidentiality.
  • EAP Buyers Guide: Learn about the Buyers Guide prepared by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association. 
  • Books: A set of Parents Choice Award-winning books helps children and parents communicate and cope when a parent loses his or her job. Written and illustrated by Work & Life Matters parenting specialist Mary Kalifon, the books are published by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and are available in Spanish and English. To order one of these publications, click here. (View larger image of the book)
    • Mom Doesn't Work There Anymore
    • My Dad Lost His Job
    • Mi Mamá Perdió Su Trabajo (Spanish version)
    • Mi Papá Perdió Su Trabajo (Spanish version)
  • Pamphlets
    • Identifying the Troubled Employee - Today's workplace reflects the tensions and complexities of modern life. Employees may struggle with substance abuse or other addictions that result in impaired performance, or exhibit volatile or abusive behavior that creates a potentially threatening work environment. Employers can limit liability exposure and maintain a positive and productive work environment by following seven basic rules to determine an employee's fitness for duty. Includes resources.
    • Manager's Guide - Being a supervisor or manager is a complex job, so it is helpful to know that there are professional resources available to assist you in resolving some of the tough employee-related problems you may face.
  • E-Packets: Electronic packets, customized to address clients' specific needs, are sent via email within hours, sometimes minutes after a consultation. Complete with articles, website resources and related bibliography, clients may view e-packets on their computers, print them out for reading at a later date or e-mail them to friends and family. Topics include Eldercare, Managing Maternity, Parenting Teens, Handling Divorce, Relocation and more.
  • E-Newsletter - Working Parent News: Informational monthly e-mail newsletter helps clients juggle the multiple demands of work and home. Also a great marketing tool, Work & Life Matters' Working Parent News delivers useful information while building relationships and utilization for a greater return on investment. Each issue provides a "teaser" that links readers to our Work & Life Matters site. Newsletters are e-mailed monthly to our Human Resources contacts for distribution. Employees may also subscribe to the newsletter on their own via our website and receive a new issue every month directly from us.
  • Critical Incident - We live in volatile times and the workplace is not immune from potentially traumatic, life-altering events. A work-related accident, the death of a co-worker or other occurrence that evokes a strong emotional reaction can have a devastating, long-term effect on employees unless timely, appropriate intervention is provided. Learn the key steps to setting up a workplace Critical Incident Stress Management program that helps employees recover from a traumatic event and facilitates return to their previous level of functioning. Includes resources.