Leadership Development Workshops

Work & Life Matters offers state-of-the-art training programs for leadership that empower them to handle a wide range of contemporary workplace challenges and inspire the highest level of employee productivity and commitment at all levels of the organization. Programs may be customized to meet individual needs.

Leader's Guide to Cultivating Loyalty

Skilled leadership is a must to develop a strong relationships with employees and bring out the best in staff members. Discussion and practice sessions provide participants with practical strategies to increase employee loyalty and job satisfaction.

Leadership Retreat - Crating Success: A day-long experimental event

The object of this retreat is to generate strategies for promoting the development of a supportive, inclusive and productive work culture. Through team- building, communication and personal assessment exercises, participants get strategies for dealing with conflict and change and learn to embrace risk as a self-development tool. An "Appreciative Inquiry" paradigm promotes the automatic habit of searching for success and life-enhancing possibilities rather than reverting to negative thought patterns. Retreat planning includes pre-program consultation and expert-facilitated debriefing. Program highlights include:

  • Personal Assessment. Exploration of personal attitudes, beliefs and assumptions.
  • Self and Group Development. Appreciating the value of stepping outside personal comfort zones and embracing risk-taking as a self- development tool.
  • Getting Results. Exploration of why things are the way they are. "If you do what you have always done, then you will get the results that you have always gotten."
  • Mapping Possibilities and Steps for Implementation. Team discussion and goal-setting to implement ideas that emerge during the retreat.

Making Effective Referrals

Are you completely satisfied with your staff’s work performance? Managing employees' productivity and performance concerns can be challenging. It takes forethought and a high degree of skill to keep employees aligned with departmental goals. Work & Life Matters/EAP is here to support you and build on your effectiveness as a leader. When leaders refer employees, the effectiveness of the referral is contingent on the manner the referral is framed and on collaboration with EAP. This workshop will help you develop skills that will ensure follow-through with referrals and strategies for addressing employee performance problems.