Employee Seminars and Support Groups

Work & Life Matters' "Noon Time Learning" employee seminars address a wide range of work/life and parenting issues. Programs are available as one-hour, half or full-day on-site presentations. A partial list of our most popular topics include:

Employee Workshops

This training session is designed to help employees move smoothly through work and life transitions. Participants assess their own attitude toward change and gain an understanding of change from the organization's perspective. Specific tools to manage change are discussed and participants leave the workshop having put together a personal action plan.

Participants gain an understanding of what is meant by stress, recognize "good" and "bad" stress, understand its signs and symptoms, and develop coping strategies during stressful times.

Participants learn how to stand up for their rights in personal and professional settings without violating the rights of others. They learn to identify their personal communication style; gain an understanding of the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviors; discover ways to recognize non-verbal communication, and learn to communicate more effectively.

Led by a Work & Life Matters specialist and an organizational development expert, this training opportunity is designed to improve customer service capabilities. Using actual situations encountered in dealing with difficult customers, participants learn conflict-reducing communication techniques; proven strategies for taking control and for dealing with difficult customers.

Led by a licensed therapist, this support group, allows members with eldercare responsibilities to provide mutual support, learn coping skills and share resources. Participants explore the grief cycle, examine and understand the dynamics of parent-child role reversal and learn to set personal limits for a more balanced life.

This course guides participants in exploring the changing world of work, the new realities of life-long employment with any one employer, and the challenges of managing a career. Employees take a look at their current career path and begin to set short- and long-term professional goals. Resources are provided to further career development.

Parenting Workshops

Participants learn effective discipline techniques to manage their children's common behavior problems. Topics include dealing with disrespectful behavior, irresponsibility, limited attention spans and defiance. Parents learn strategies for dealing with typical parent-child power struggles around homework, clothing, morning and bedtime routines.

Based on Stephen R. Covey's best-selling book by the same name, this session examines seven effectiveness habits that form the building blocks of strong, loving, happy families. Participants learn how to develop a family mission statement, become change agents in their families, and solve family problems through effective communications.

This workshop explores ways of raising media-savvy children by emphasizing the benefits of television and neutralizing the negative side effects of the medium. Participants learn five important ideas to teach children about TV, ten common advertising strategies, and ways of setting family standards for violence content.

This session helps parents create a plan for reducing kids' desire for more and more "stuff" and motivating them to value what they already have. Participants explore the long-term benefits of saying no to children's unreasonable requests and learn 10 common reasons for parental overindulgence. Includes tips on how to instill values of patience and kindness and handle embarrassing public demands for toys and candy.

This workshop explores causes of difficult sibling relationships. Participants learn how to help their children work out their conflicts with respect, caring, and fairness.