Leader Services

Our Philosophy

To protect the organization and retain and protect the investment in valued employees, Work & Life Matters/EAP provides confidential Management/ Leader consultation to effectively resolve challenges around employee work performance and work relationship conflicts. Consultation is encouraged at the first sign of issues such as: declining work performance, conflicts, emotional outbursts, suspicion of substance abuse, allegations of any form of harassment, explicit or implicit threats of any kind (person or property), crisis or critical incidents. In these situations, EAP intervention spares leaders the pressure and burden of making decisions outside their professional scope.

In Fitness-For-Duty and Risk Management situations, we collaborate closely with Human Resources to ensure that all strategies are aligned with organizational policies. Confidential aggregate reports on program services and activities are available annually, quarterly or as requested.

Our Added Value

  • Work & Life Matters leverages the value of the organization's investment in its workforce by encouraging employee engagement
  • Improving the abilities of employees and dependents to successfully respond to life's challenges
  • Developing employee and leader competencies in managing workplace pressures and improving employee and work team performance
  • Increasing efficient use of health care resources through early identification, care management and recovery efforts

Our Competitive Edge

  • State of the art, "high touch" services that you can expect from Cedars-Sinai
  • Twenty-seven years of experience and expertise understanding the culture of organizations, collaborating with stakeholders and quickly aligning with client organization's mission
  • Seasoned (Master's/Doctorate degree) staff operating cohesively and operating from an understanding of the client organization's culture and philosophy
  • Highly responsive, cutting-edge approaches, tailored specifically to the unique needs of employees with high performance demands
  • Organizational assistance—"at the table" support for critical organizational transitions
  • Proven high utilization by employees and management across industries
  • Comprehensive leader surveys to assess EAP effectiveness
  • Innovative, customized leadership development and staff development seminars
What We Offer

Making a difference in the future of your organization and in the lives of your employees. Work & Life Matters offers the following: