General Urology

Cedars-Sinai urologists offer sophisticated surgical procedures to treat urologic conditions, from ureter blockages to bladder cancer. Find the treatment that works best for you and take control of your health.

What Is a Urologist?

A medical worker shows the urinary system on blurred background.

A urologist is a doctor who specializes in identifying and treating conditions of the urinary tract and male reproductive system, including:

  • Adrenals, the small glands on the kidneys that produce and regulate hormones
  • Bladder, the expandable sac where urine collects until it's time to empty
  • Kidney, the filter that removes waste and extra fluid from the body
  • Penis, the male reproductive organ used for urination and sex 
  • Prostate, the gland that makes fluid to protect sperm (seminal fluid)
  • Testes, the two glands that make sperm and testosterone  
  • Scrotum, the external sac that protects the testes 
  • Ureter, the tube that takes urine from the kidneys to the bladder
  • Urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body

Why Choose Us?

In our care, you can expect:

Top-Ranked Services

Ranked among the best programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, our urologists provide comprehensive testing for both routine and complex conditions.

Access to Experts

Our location within an academic medical center means you have access to hundreds of specialists. Our urology experts work with providers across the Cedars-Sinai team to give you targeted, effective care without having to schedule appointments elsewhere.

Evidence-Based Practice

Many members of our urology team are involved in both patient care and research. We use leading-edge therapies to treat both routine and complex conditions while continuing to research the latest methods of care.


Urologists specialize in diagnosing urinary conditions and disorders. Often, these conditions can be hard to pinpoint because the symptoms are either hard to see or easy to misdiagnose. But we know you are more than the sum of your symptoms. We specialize in putting the pieces of your health together so that we see the whole picture.

Learn more about our urology diagnosis and how we help determine what's causing your symptoms.


We work with you to determine your treatment plan, considering your goals and health needs. You'll receive the support and ongoing follow-up care that's right for you.

Treatment may include:


We use medication to treat underlying problems such as infections, bacteria or high blood pressure. Medication also treats cancer and improves erectile dysfunction.

This option may be best if a tumor is causing a urinary tract condition. We may perform surgery to remove the tumor or cancer, make changes to the structure of the urinary tract or remove damaged organs.

Have Questions or Need Help?

To make an appointment or refer a patient, call the Department of Urology team. You can also have us call you back at your convenience.

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