Academic Practice & Research

As an academic medical center, we are at the leading edge of research for urologic diseases. We study current surgeries to find ways to improve our techniques, so your procedure is safer and less painful. We help you get back to the things that matter to you. Some of our current research studies for diseases of the kidney, bladder and prostate include:

Bladder-Preserving Treatment for Cancer

We are investigating ways to treat the most aggressive bladder cancers without having to remove the bladder. The goal is to cure the cancer while sparing your bladder and preserving its function.

Neobladder Construction

Sometimes, removing the bladder offers you the best outcome. We can often reconstruct your bladder using your own tissue and minimally invasive robotic techniques.

Kidney-Sparing Technique

Using minimally invasive and robotic-assisted techniques, we remove only the tumor or cancer mass, leaving you with as much healthy kidney as possible. This technique results in better kidney function.

Sophisticated Prostate Analysis

To select the best management for prostate cancer, we first need to determine how aggressive the cancer is. We use molecular and genetic tests to better understand your disease risk. This approach allows us to monitor most prostate cancers safely without performing surgery or radiation therapy.

Advanced Prostate Imaging

Innovative imaging technology and virtual reality help us better see and map prostate cancer, leading to greater precision in treating prostate cancer. Often, this advanced imaging allows us to accurately target the prostate cancer with noninvasive therapies, such as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

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