Trauma Nursing Education

The Cedars-Sinai Trauma Program offers ongoing training and education to help you reach your professional trauma educational goals. Continuing to learn and grow is one of the best ways we can improve patient care in the trauma setting. We partner with national leaders in trauma education to realize this mission.

Ready to learn about becoming a trauma nurse? This Society of Trauma Nurses course will help you learn about caring for patients with multiple traumas. Designed for registered nurses.

This one-day course will prepare you for the medical management of trauma patients in the event of mass casualties. Designed for all healthcare professionals.

Learn to save lives by preventing blood loss. The American College of Surgeons offers this course to empower everyone with the know-how to stop severe blood loss.

This course will teach you about the full continuum of the trauma care spectrum, emphasizing the skills needed after patient resuscitation. Designed for inpatient trauma nurses.

Preparing to study for your trauma certified register nursing exam? The Society of Trauma Nurses offers a study guide and online prep course to help you achieve certification.

The Emergency Nurses Association offers this core trauma course to help you develop the skills and training to keep trauma patients safe. Designed for registered nurses.

Upcoming Trauma Nursing Education Calendar

View upcoming dates for the courses listed above. For more information, contact Gregory Jones.

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