Cedars-Sinai is indeed fortunate to have the expertise of some of the world's leading liver transplant specialists. Guided by expert clinical leadership, each team consists of a wide array of specialists from various fields of medicine. In addition to diagnosing and treating complex medical conditions and performing the multifaceted procedures associated with organ transplants, the staff is also engaged in groundbreaking research that has advanced the field of medicine in many ways. Recognized for their expertise, members of our team are published widely in national and international scientific and medical journals.

Headshot for Irene K. Kim, MD

Irene K. Kim, MD

Surgery Transplant Surgery
Liver Transplant Kidney Transplant Pediatric Transplant
Surgical Director Kidney Transplantation
Director Division of Transplant
Director Comprehensive Transplant Center
Headshot for Alexander Kuo, MD

Alexander Kuo, MD

IM Gastroenterology
Medical Director Liver Transplantation
Professor of Medicine Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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