Kidney Transplant Research & Clinical Trials

The Cedars-Sinai Kidney Transplant Program has a long history of innovation. Our researchers have spent decades discovering new and better solutions for patients in need of a kidney transplant.

Our doctors collaborate with researchers from the National Institutes of Health, major drug companies and other institutions. Together, we are helping to improve kidney transplant outcomes for all patients.

Kidney Transplant Research

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Science is what drives new therapies. That's why our doctors are committed to research that can lead to innovative kidney transplant methods. Our medical director, Stanley C. Jordan, MD, and his team have been researching solutions for highly sensitized patients since the 1990s.

Thanks to their efforts, our program was the first to use intravenous gamma globulin (IVIG) therapy (as well as IVIG plus Rituximab) to desensitize highly sensitized patients. Our program is now one of the best in the country for treating highly sensitized patients in need of a transplant.

Kidney Transplant Clinical Trials

After we discover promising new therapies, we test them. Our kidney transplant team is actively involved in a variety of clinical trials. Recent trials included the study of a new desensitization therapy called IdeS, which is now awaiting FDA approval.

Patients come to our program knowing they will have access to therapies not yet available at other centers. Thanks to our innovative protocols, we can treat patients other centers can't.

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