Transplant Surgery Program

The Cedars-Sinai Transplantation Program is world renowned for its clinical excellence and innovative research contributions. The comprehensive transplant center at Cedars-Sinai includes the:

Multidisciplinary teams specializing in kidney, heart, liver and lung transplantation share a commitment to personalized care, timely communication, superior outcomes and leadership in their respective fields.

In addition to transplanting organs from deceased donors, our kidney transplant programs offer the option of living donor transplantation. With this approach, a healthy volunteer can donate a kidney to someone in need.

The clinical focus of each organ transplant program is the rejuvenation or reconstitution of a diseased organ's function.

In many cases non-transplant alternative therapies may be preferable. These treatments can be offered by specialists within the Cedars-Sinai transplant programs. These include the development of a bioartificial liver for patients with liver failure, advanced surgical and radiological procedures to remove liver, pancreas or bile duct tumors, mechanical devices to assist a failing heart, and novel drugs to eradicate various forms of hepatitis.