Preparing for Spine Surgery

We believe patients who are well-informed have less anxiety and better outcomes. The information here is designed to help you understand your diagnosis and proposed treatment, how to prepare yourself for any upcoming procedures and to pave the way for your full recovery.

Your doctor will provide you with detailed instructions based on your specific surgery. If you have questions, please call your doctor's office.

Before Surgery

Watch the videos below to learn more about what you need to do to prepare for a spinal surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

In this video, find out what you should do on the days leading up to, and the day of, surgery. Learn when to take your medications and what processes to follow when it comes to eating and drinking the night before surgery.

For specific pre-surgery instructions, please refer to your doctor.

Preparing for Surgery
Pre-Surgery Checklist

Pre-Surgery Checklist

There are a number of items to bring with you on the day of surgery. Watch this video to learn what to bring with you and what to leave at home.

For specific pre-surgery instructions, please refer to your doctor.

During Surgery

Gain a better understanding about the spinal surgery process and what to expect during your stay. See this video for insights into a spinal surgery procedure.

While You're in the Hospital

Find out what to expect while you're in the hospital recovering from a spinal procedure. Watch this video to find out where your loved ones can wait while you’re in surgery and how to ease your hospital stay.

During Surgery

After Surgery

Knowing what to expect after a spinal surgery can help you during the recovery process. View this video to acquire more information for after your surgery.

After Spine Surgery

Going Home From the Hospital

Learn what things to have at home while you're recovering from a spinal procedure. Watch this video to gain detailed information about the recovery and healing process.

Pain Management

Knowing how to manage your pain is an important step after treatment. Find out  how our pain management program can help you.

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