Diagnostic Rheumatology

Diagnostic rheumatology requires special skills in medical decision-making and experience in dealing with both common and rare diseases. The rheumatologists at Cedars-Sinai are experts in diagnosing medical conditions with the most sophisticated tools available in imaging and in the laboratory.

Cedars-Sinai's rheumatologists use recent diagnostic advances to identify patients who are susceptible to the most severe forms of arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. A comprehensive diagnosis may include:

  • Genetic testing for outcome and prognosis in certain rare rheumatic conditions
  • Specialized imaging studies of blood vessels deep inside the body
  • Laboratory studies to unravel rare infections that can cause joint and muscle pain
  • Antibody testing that can pinpoint a specific autoimmune disease that will attack a vital organ or cause it to fail

Diagnostic rheumatology requires experience and know-how that only can be earned through years of education and re-education. Every month Cedars-Sinai's rheumatolgists attend journal reviews to update their knowledge base and grand rounds that deliver outside expertise involving complex problems in rheumatology.