For Medical Professionals

The Division of Rheumatology offers conferences, grand rounds and other events to help physicians better understand rheumatic diseases and how they can affect other medical conditions.

These events include:
  • Clinical Conferences. Patient-centered and outcome focused, these conferences bring interesting or challenging cases on the consultative service for discussion in detail by rheumatology fellows. An academic and scholarly discussion of the disease or therapeutic challenge illustrated by the case is also held. Literature reviews are used to back up the presentation.
  • Grand Rounds and Continuing Medical Education. Rated by many as the best grand rounds in Los Angeles, these bring outside experts in rheumatology to Cedars-Sinai to present the latest advances to attending physicians. Topics include advances in the understanding of the cause of an illness, how to treat or manage difficult clinical problems, advances in finding a cure for rheumatic diseases or information on the risks and benefits of new therapies for rheumatic diseases.
  • Journal Club. This presents an opportunity for fellows to distill and present in-depth scholarly reviews of recent studies in the literature are distilled to the Division of Rheumatology. The Grand Rounds outside expert attends this Journal Club and brings their expertise and focus to the discussion. This gives fellows an opportunity to learn how to read and critique an article or study and present it to their peers. At the same time, it offers fellows and attending physicians in the Division of Rheumatology exposure to a wide range of literature on new techniques for diagnosing and treating rheumatic diseases as well as information on disease processes, prognoses and outcomes.
  • Imaging Conference. This monthly conference is designed to assist fellows, medical residents and attending staff to interpret and understand the anatomic and pathologic features of various forms of arthritis to make a diagnosis quickly and accurately, The conference covers the latest imaging techniques from plain X-rays to computer tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging. Interesting and challenging cases are brought by those attending for a musculoskeletal radiologist to interpret for the group. Discussion focuses on how to make a diagnosis based on the findings as well as how to understand the disease process.
  • Research Conference. This conference discusses topics of extreme academic and research interest and is intended to lead to the development of collaborative, often multidisciplinary, research projects. Visiting or guest lecturers present short topics and lead a wide-ranging discussion to generate research ideas and projects. Rheumatology Division members are able to discuss their own ideas in order to generate research projects. The Rheumatology Division registry and database decisions are reviewed in this meeting so that input from all Division members can be obtained.
  • The Wallace Research Conference. Daniel Wallace, MD, selects a topic of importance in the management of patients. Rheumatology fellows research the literature on the topic and discuss their findings to gain a greater understanding of the disease process. The conference focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of systemic illness as well as the clinical features of the disease. Outside experts attend this conference to lend their expertise when appropriate.