About Adult Primary Care

Your Care Team

It's all about preventive care and wellness, minor illnesses and injuries, and structured treatment programs for chronic disease. If you need specialized care, your adult primary care physician will help with that, too.

We offer easy-to-use tools to find a primary care doctor and schedule an appointment online. 

When you research primary care physicians, you'll find practitioners of internal medicine and family medicine. Both provide primary care services, but internists treat only adults, while family practice physicians treat both adults and children.

Your care team goes beyond your primary care physician. It also may include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, clinical pharmacists, registered dietitians, nurse care managers and social workers who work with your doctor to ensure you receive the most comprehensive—and convenient—care possible.

Transforming Your Experience

Primary care is the foundation of good health, so we're working to make the experience exceptional for patients in all stages of life.

Our  Beverly Hills location was the first to implement our progressive vision of comprehensive care. Since then, this vision has expanded to other geographies like Playa Vista and Culver City. These sites are paving the way for the rest of our locations as we reinvent the patient experience.

Check-In and Reception

Our Playa Vista and Beverly Hills locations are the models of a reimagined reception experience, with quicker and more efficient check-ins. Waiting areas include specially designed spaces for families. You’ll even find convenient and thoughtful amenities like phone charging stations.

Exam Rooms

Primary care physicians and clinical support staff worked together to redesign the exam room, to support you with a meaningful and connected experience. It's more convenient than ever, too. Most lab work can now be performed in the office, saving you time and making your visit as smooth as possible.

Doctor (Male) and Patient (Male) checking knees

Executive Health

Our goal is to provide a high level of care with sensitivity to the needs and concerns of busy working professionals. Packages include personalized health evaluations, continuity of care with referral appointments and specialized assessments.

Meet Our Team

See our list of adult primary care physicians, with notes for those accepting new patients.

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You can call us 7 days a week 6 am - 9 pm PT or schedule a time for us to call you back.