Microsurgical Plastic Surgery

The expert surgeons at Cedars-Sinai's Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery take full advantage of the latest advances in microsurgery. The center's experienced surgeons have extensive training in this demanding and precise field.

In the broadest sense, microsurgery refers to any surgery performed under the magnification of a microscope. In relation to plastic and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery has allowed far more precision in many procedures, and has greatly expanded the range of procedures surgeons can perform safely and effectively.

Vastly improving our surgeons' ability to help patients, microsurgery allows surgeons to use special operating microscopes to reattach amputated fingers or transplant large sections of tissue, muscle or bone from one part of the body to another. Using the power of the operating microscope to magnify the area being worked on, the blood vessels and nerves from the part (or flap) being moved are carefully reattached, so the transplanted tissue can live in the new location and so that feeling in the transplanted tissue is maintained.

Microsurgery can be used to take tissue from the leg or back to reconstruct a breast, reattach fingers or perform plastic or reconstructive surgery on ears, noses, scalps, hands, fingers, tongues, toes and other small body parts. Microsurgery is often used for complex cancer and trauma cases.

Cases requiring microsurgery can be the most challenging in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The surgeons at the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery have the necessary training, expertise and experience in microsurgery.