Radial Club Hand

Radial club hand is an anomaly in which the wrist is deviated on the thumb side towards the arm, due to deficiency or absence of the radius. The ulna is always abnormal, often short and curved so the forearm is not normal size. During the first two years, radial club hand is often associated with elbow stiffness.

The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers a full range of surgical procedures for radial club hand. Surgeons use leading-edge technology and world-class surgical techniques.


Treatment consists of straightening of the hand and stabilization of the wrist. Splinting should be commenced shortly after birth to help achieve a full passive correction of the anomaly and to prevent secondary shortening of the soft tissues. Grasp maybe improved by wrist centralization as the power of the digital flexors is thereby increased.

The absence of thumb is usually corrected by shifting the index finger in the place of the missing thumb thereby making the hand functional. The first stage, which consists of straightening of hands, should be done at the age of six months followed by thumb correction at one to two years of age.