Gender-Affirming Surgery

If you don’t feel at home in the sex assigned to you at birth, the Cedars-Sinai Transgender Surgery and Health Program can help. Our program, the first of its kind in Southern California, offers gender-affirming surgery so your body can match your identity.

Our Approach to Transgender Surgery

Transgender and nonbinary people may experience gender dysphoria. This term describes the distress you may feel if you identify with a gender that doesn’t match your body. Our caring and compassionate team listens to your goals and needs.

Masculinizing Top Surgery

We perform gender-affirming mastectomy to give you a more masculine appearance. Our team helps you choose the right surgical approach for you. Procedures include double-incision, keyhole, button-hole, and nipple reduction or nipple grafting.

Feminizing Top Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation uses implants or your own tissue to create breasts. Breast surgery can be an important step to achieving a feminine appearance.

Bottom Surgery

With bottom surgery (genital reconstruction), we can reconstruct and transform your genitals. We can remove the penis and testicles and create a vagina, clitoris and labia. We can also remove the vagina and construct a penis. Procedures we offer include phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, urethral lengthening, vaginoplasty and revisions of prior reconstructions.

Body Contouring

Body contouring can give you the feminine or masculine shape you desire. We use a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to reshape and contour your body.

Our Gender-Affirming Surgery Expert Team

Our surgeons understand your unique needs and have the skills to translate those goals into reality.

Gender-Affirmation Surgery: What to Expect

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a doctor who understands what you’re going through. Our team treats you with the dignity and respect you deserve. We want to help you become the person you were meant to be.

Is surgery my only option?

Plastic surgery is just one part of our overall program. In addition to male-to-female surgery and female-to-male surgery, our program offers other types of transition care. Our services include vocal cord and speech therapy, hormone management and mental health services. Find out more about transgender surgery and health.

Will my surgeon understand my needs?

Our surgeons are members of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. This nonprofit organization provides guidance on delivering safe and effective care for transgender and gender diverse people. The first thing we do is listen to you so we can fully understand your needs and goals.

Will my insurance cover gender-affirming surgery?

We accept many insurance plans for transition surgery, including Medi-Cal and Medicare. Check with your provider for the specific details of your plan.

What is the recovery process like for gender-affirming surgery?

Your recovery time will depend on the type of surgery and your overall health. Top surgery recovery may take several weeks. Recovery for bottom surgery typically lasts up to six weeks.

Will I need more than one surgery?

The number of surgeries you need depends on how many gender-affirming procedures you choose. We can combine some procedures into one surgery. Your surgeon will explain your options.

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