Breast Reconstruction & Aesthetics

After breast cancer treatment, you may want breast reconstruction. The plastic surgeons at Cedars-Sinai make the process as smooth as possible. We use the latest techniques to give you new breasts and restored self-confidence.

Our Approach to Breast Reconstruction Surgery

After you have a mastectomy or lumpectomy, we can reconstruct part or all of your breast. We can also make sure both of your breasts match. Rest assured: Reconstruction will not affect your cancer treatment.

Advanced Plastic Surgery

We have some of the most experienced breast reconstruction surgeons in Southern California. Our plastic surgeons specialize in advanced microvascular surgery, where we transfer tissue from another part of your body to your breast. We can include nerve connections to help restore sensation to your breast (nerve restoration).

Restoring Your Outlook

Our goal is to make your breasts look as good—or even better—than they did before the cancer diagnosis. We’ll take care of you and help you look and feel great about your body.

Options for You

When it comes to breast reconstruction, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We help you explore your options for reconstruction and choose the one that fits your goals. Depending on your treatment and preferences, you may opt for implants or reconstruction using your own tissue.

Reconstruction on Your Terms

We schedule your breast reconstruction so it doesn’t affect your cancer treatment. We may perform reconstruction at the same time as your mastectomy or lumpectomy. Or you can have breast reconstruction any time after your treatment—even years later.

Our Breast Reconstruction & Aesthetics Expert Team

Our plastic surgeons understand your unique needs and have the skills to translate those goals into reality.

Breast Reconstruction: What to Expect

Breast reconstruction surgery often requires more than one procedure. We may perform follow-up surgery to make sure both of your breasts are symmetrical or to make changes after your breasts heal. We use medications or nerve blocks to help you feel as comfortable as possible following your procedure.

Implant-based reconstruction

Implant-based reconstruction uses implants to fill out the shape of the breast. We typically do this reconstruction in stages with a tissue expander. Tissue expanders are temporary implants that surgeons fill gradually over several weeks so the skin and chest tissue can stretch and make room for a permanent implant. Surgeons later remove the expander and replace it with an implant. We specialize in pre-pectoral implants, which we place under the skin instead of under the chest muscles, for a more natural look and feel.

Free-flap reconstruction

We remove a portion of your tissue and blood vessels (usually from the abdomen or thighs). Your team then uses that tissue to recreate the breast. Free-flap options include DIEP, muscle-sparing TRAM, PAP and SGAP flaps. We also reconnect the vessels that we moved to vessels near the breast to reestablish blood supply.

Ruptured implants and revision surgery

If you aren’t happy with the results of a previous breast surgery, we can help. Revision surgery can correct or reshape your breasts. We also remove ruptured implants and can either replace the implants or reconstruct your breast. We remove textured implants and replace them with smooth, round implants to reduce risks related to textured implants.

Other procedures we perform

We perform oncoplastic breast reductions, where we rearrange and alter the size and shape of one or both breasts after a lumpectomy. We also offer nipple-sparing surgery, where you can keep your own nipples, and nerve surgery to keep or restore feeling to the nipple area.

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