Mission & Vision

Pharmacy Services is committed to the highest quality of patient care through the provision of pharmacy services that ensure safe, effective and rationale medication use.

We will endeavor to achieve these goals through comprehensive evaluation of all medications for each patient, collaboration with members of the health-care team, education and training of pharmacists and other health care professionals and provision of drug information.


  • Visible pharmacy services to our patients
    We will provide unit-based pharmacy services to optimize patient care
  • Collaboration with healthcare team
    We will participate on interdisciplinary teams
  • Commitment to teaching, learning, and mentoring
  • Responsibility for the medication use process
    We understand the importance of each step of the medication use process
    We demonstrate best practices in the care of patients
  • Accountability for patient outcomes
    We will be proactive in identifying drug related problems
    We will ensure continuity of medication management during the patient’s admission
  • Demonstrate respect and ensure accountability
    We will respect each other
    We will hold each other accountable for our actions
  • Foster teamwork

Strategic Goals

The Cedars-Sinai Pharmacy Strategic Plan is the department's roadmap and operational priorities for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Improving Patient Experience

  • Increase discharge prescriptions to ensure safe discharge and improve adherence
  • Provide more bedside education for patients
  • Increase in overall patient satisfaction scores at organizational level

Reducing Readmissions

  • Increase medication reconciliations on admission
  • Increase post-discharge follow up for high risk patients

Reducing Costs

  • Tactics: Move expensive drugs to outpatient setting, IV to po, restricted and target drug interventions

Antimicrobial Stewardship

  • Reduce overuse of antimicrobials by 30%