Neonatal Transport Program

The Neonatal Transport Program maintains a specially trained team capable of transporting the smallest and sickest infants from area hospitals to the Cedars-Sinai Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when they require the highest level of care and sub-specialists that can only be provided at a Level IV Regional NICU.

The Transport Team functions as a complete mobile ICU, utilizing a specialized portable incubator with integrated ventilator and monitor, so that the patient remains fully supported throughout the transport process. Depending on the degree of illness and distance, the team transports babies by ambulance, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft. When appropriate, the team also provides return transport to the referring facility. The program is committed to providing team mobilization within 30 minutes or less, with a policy for triaging patients in the event of multiple, simultaneous referrals.

In addition, the Neonatal Transport Program offers these services:

  • A transport team comprised of a neonatologist, a NICU transport nurse and a NICU respiratory therapist who accompany the newborn on critical transports.
  • Ambulance or helicopter transportation, based on the patient's need, distance and the referring facility's ability to manage the newborn until the transport team arrives.
  • A medical director and a transport coordinator who ensure clinical practice compliance and oversee the daily operations of the program.
  • Transport incubators with self-contained power supplies to maintain neutral thermal environment, continuous cardiopulmonary monitoring, mechanical ventilation, blended oxygen, suction devices, and infusion pumps. Other supplies and medications are readily available to the team.

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Neonatal Transport Program

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