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The team at the Pediatric Spine Program at Cedars-Sinai Guerin Children’s specializes in diagnosing and treating children through young adults with spine disorders and injuries. We try to avoid surgery. When surgery is needed, our highly experienced spine team uses the latest in robotic and imaging technology.

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Diagnosing Pediatric Scoliosis Spine Conditions

Some spine conditions are present at birth while others develop as your child grows or because of an injury. Our pediatric orthopaedists tailor a safe treatment plan focused on promoting your child’s health.

  • Thorough evaluations: You get an appointment quickly so we can make a prompt diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan. Your child’s evaluation includes ultra-low radiation EOS imaging conveniently performed at our office.
  • Low-dose X-rays: Our innovative EOS Imaging System uses up to 98% less radiation than a standard X-ray. These low-dose X-rays are especially helpful for children who need ongoing monitoring and imaging. We have one of the few EOS systems in the Los Angeles area.

Nonsurgical Treatments and Spine Surgery

Many children with scoliosis or other spine conditions benefit from stretching or orthotics (bracing). We also have safe and effective surgical options that help children get back to their daily activities.

  • Scoliosis bracing: Bracing is the most common conservative treatment for scoliosis in children who are still growing. One of our surgeons developed a dynamic brace, offering much greater movement and comfort than a traditional brace.
  • Kyphosis treatment: We use foam rollers to help children correct spinal curves. We teach your child how to do exercises with the rollers for just 60 seconds each day, and we carefully monitor their progress. Most children have a significantly straighter spine after six months of exercise.
  • Spine surgery options: We offer spinal fusion and fusionless surgery, as well as repair of spine fractures. We can insert magnetically controlled growing rods that allow us to adjust rods in the spine without additional surgeries. A newer option for idiopathic scoliosis is fusionless surgery, or vertebral body tethering, which can shorten recovery time.

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