Meet the Pediatrics Expert Team

Our expertise in pediatrics covers more than 20 specialties, ranging from pediatric general surgery to neurosurgery, from cardiology to neonatology and from oncology to medical genetics. Our pediatric specialists are drawn from Cedars-Sinai's world renowned centers of excellence and specialty programs, as well as from the Cedars-Sinai Department of Pediatrics.

Our highly skilled and compassionate medical staff provides the latest diagnostic procedures and treatments available. Our multidisciplinary team consists of board-certified physicians, surgeons, pediatric hematologists, oncologists, nurse specialists, clinical social workers, child life specialists and skilled volunteers.

Many of the physicians who have medical staff privileges to practice medicine at Cedars-Sinai are independent physicians, and not employees or agents of the hospital. These independent physicians bill separately for their services. You should contact your physician to determine their status and billing practices.