Craniofacial Clinic

The Cedars-Sinai Craniofacial Clinic comprises an interdisciplinary team of specialists who provide clinical services to children born with craniofacial problems, such as clefts of the lip and/or palate, anomalies of the ear, nose, eye and periocular area and cranial anomalies including encephalocele and craniosynostosis.

Children with craniofacial problems require surgical care from a variety of specialists including Plastic Surgery, ENT, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Our care is distinguished by world-class expertise in Clinical Genetics, Nursing, Pediatrics, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Orthotics, Physical Therapy and Social Services.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Craniofacial Clinic
116 N. Robertson Blvd., Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90048