Managing Your Child Pain

Your child's pain management is very important to us. There may be physical causes for pain, but your child's mental and emotional state can also affect the amount of pain your child experiences.

As a parent, you know your child best. Our multidisciplinary team will work closely with you to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. We understand your child may feel pain from the surgery, as well as anxiety from being in the hospital. As pediatric experts, we do our best to ease both.

After using our pain assessment tools, medications can be given to children through an IV, by mouth as a pill or liquid to be swallowed or as a rectal suppository.

In addition to medicines that assist your child with pain, there are other things you can do to help him cope with pain, and the fear often associated with it. Some common things that help might include distraction, guided imagery, relaxation and deep breathing. Each of our pediatric patient rooms has guidelines posted for helping children cope with pain, that offer more specific examples.

Pain Assessment Chart

The nurses and doctors in Pediatric Surgical Services will help assess your child's pain with this pain assessment chart.