Professional Pathology Societies


CAP is the largest national pathology professional organization, and the largest society worldwide composed exclusively of pathologists. Membership includes over 17,000 pathologists and pathologists-in-training worldwide. The CAP is considered the authority on laboratory quality assurance, and promotes excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine as well as cost effective medical care. Publications include Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and CAP Today.

The USCAP is a global leader in providing knowledge in the field of pathology, and is the largest and most preeminent academic pathology organization. The USCAP annual meeting is a key venue for presenting novel studies in pathology through poster and proferred paper sessions. There also is a large number of didactic short courses covering all areas of anatomic and molecular pathology during the meeting. The USCAP publications include Modern Pathology and Laboratory Investigation.

The ASCP is a 130,000 member organization composed of physicians, physicians-in-training, pathologists' assistants, laboratory professionals, medical students, and laboratory students. The ASCP promotes excellence in education and provides hundreds of CME courses for pathologists and laboratory professionals. ASCP publications include American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, and Critical Values.

ASH addresses clinical and research matters related to blood and blood diseases, and has played an important role in the development of the disciplines of hematology and hematopathology. ASH publications include Blood, The Hematologist, ASH News Daily, and Hematology.


The IAP promotes the advancement of pathology through exchange of information worldwide. They oversee many divisions within the organization and provide education through seminars, lectures, and meetings. The largest division of the IAP is the USCAP, described above.
IAP sponsored journals include Histopathology, International Journal of Surgical Pathology, Pathology International, Virchow Archive, and Modern Pathology (USCAP).


The CSP represents pathologists working in government affairs related to the practice of pathology in California. They address topics such as reimbursement, laboratory regulation and licensing, and state legislation and regulations impacting the practice of pathology. The CSP publishes regular bulletins and the Cal Path Facts e-newsletter.

The LASOP is a society composed of pathologists and pathologists-in-training from the greater Los Angeles area. They are committed to excellence in the practice of pathology for the benefit of patients and the local pathology community. They hold regularly scheduled local lectures and meetings, and also has an annual pathology resident competition in which our residents participate. LASOP publishes a monthly newsletter.