Liver Surgery

Surgeons at Cedars-Sinai perform several types of surgery to treat liver cancer, tumors and cysts. In addition to conventional surgery, we offer minimally invasive robotic and organ-preserving techniques.

Why Liver Surgery?

When the liver is healthy and functioning, it removes toxins from the blood and creates bile to help you digest food. When the liver becomes weakened or damaged from cancer, tumors or cysts, it can no longer remove waste. Surgery is the best option to relieve pain, yellowing skin and other complications of weakened livers.

We may recommend partial removal (resection) of the damaged liver because, in time, the liver can regrow. If we need to remove the entire liver, our team works with transplant specialists. We'll replace a damaged liver with a healthy one.

Liver Conditions We Treat Surgically

We offer surgery to treat:

Liver Surgery We Perform at Cedars-Sinai

We offer several surgical procedures for liver conditions, including liver resection, liver-preserving surgery and liver transplants.

Liver Resection

We use this procedure to remove the part of the liver with the tumors. We perform this surgery using either:

  • Laparoscopic robotic resection: This minimally invasive surgery uses several tiny incisions. With a specialized scope, we remove the damaged portion of the liver. Laparoscopic resection can result in less scarring and pain as well as a faster recovery.
  • Conventional resection: Our surgeons are highly skilled in traditional open surgery to remove liver cancer. We may recommend this method if we determine it will give you the best results.

Liver-Preserving Surgery (Parenchymal-Preserving Surgery)

Our team trains in the newest techniques of liver-sparing surgery for liver cancer. This method enables us to remove tumors and masses while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.

With more healthy tissue, your liver will regenerate faster. And because you have a quicker recovery, you can start the next stage of your treatment sooner (such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy).

Liver Transplant

Our team stays current with new and emerging techniques to improve the success of transplant surgeries. We provide comprehensive and supportive services for people who may require liver transplants. Our pancreatic and biliary team works closely with the Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Transplant Center to help you navigate the journey.

Liver Surgery Support

We give you and your loved ones the support and information you need to feel empowered when making decisions about your health. Our team offers services from emotional support to arranging for family meetings with your doctors so that everyone is aligned. We are here to be part of your team.

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