Gallbladder Surgery

We provide expert surgical procedures to treat gallbladder conditions such as gallstones, cysts and cancer.

Why Gallbladder Surgery?

The gallbladder stores digestive liquid (bile) made by the liver. When the brain signals that it's time to digest food and vitamins, the gallbladder releases bile to aid in digestion. Masses such as gallstones, tumors or cysts obstruct the gallbladder and keep bile from flowing, causing pain and other symptoms.

If nonsurgical methods don't provide adequate relief, surgery may be the best option to relieve symptoms. Surgical gallbladder removal is the frontline treatment for cancer and precancerous cysts.

Gallbladder Conditions We Treat Surgically

Our team uses surgery to treat:

Gallbladder Surgery We Perform at Cedars-Sinai

Our team uses minimally invasive techniques to remove gallstones, widen sphincters, drain infections and remove gallbladders when needed.

ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)

This procedure uses a combination of X-ray technology and a long flexible tube (endoscope). We thread the scope from the esophagus into the stomach and then down into the small intestine. We inject dye into the bile duct so we can see stones or other obstructions on the X-ray. Then we remove the blockage.


We use ERCP to create small incisions in the sphincter—the muscles that tighten around the openings of the bile ducts. If a sphincter is too tight, it can block gallstones from leaving through the bile ducts. By creating a wider opening, the gallstones can pass into the intestines and exit the body.

Gallbladder Removal Surgery (Cholecystectomy)

For people with gallbladder cancer or large recurring gallstones, we may need to remove the entire gallbladder. Gallbladder removal is a standard procedure, and your body can function normally without it.

We often remove the gallbladder using minimally invasive techniques, which require several small incisions and a scope. Or we may recommend conventional surgery, which uses an abdominal incision. We will discuss the options with you and determine the best approach for your situation.

Understanding Your Gallbladder Surgery Options

If you have chronic pain in your abdomen, gallbladder surgery may help. Our team treats all conditions of the gallbladder, from gallstones to cancer. We help you determine which procedure will best improve your health. Find out more about our expert team.

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