Behavioral Medicine Pain Services

Behavioral medicine refers to the way a person responds to an illness or disorder.

Clinical psychologists at the Pain Center meet with patients to conduct evaluations and gather information that will help them diagnose the problem, determine a customized treatment plan and help doctors make referrals to appropriate specialists.

Our behavioral professionals are committed to empowering patients who suffer from either short-term or long-term pain by giving them a measure of control over their condition. Patients and their families are offered skill training in effective ways to:

  • Reduce and cope with pain
  • Keep medication use to a minimum
  • Reduce or eliminate unwanted side effects from invasive procedures and surgery

Clinical psychologists also perform evaluations to help determine pain treatment before and after surgery. They work closely with patients to ease distress and help them move rapidly toward recovery once the operation is over.

Range of Services

The Pain Center provides the following outpatient and inpatient services:

  • Behavioral medicine evaluations
  • Behavioral and cognitive (knowing and thinking) pain management
  • Biofeedback and applied psychophysiology
  • Pre-surgical evaluations
  • Surgical preparation programs
  • Pharmacotherapy (medication) consultations
  • Individual consultations with the patient's doctors

Behavioral medicine services at the center focus only on pain reduction. Non-pain-related mental and nervous disorders are not treated at this unit. If patients require psychological or psychiatric consultation and therapy, our psychologists and specialists will make referrals as appropriate.

In addition, behavioral medicine experts on our staff work closely with the patient's psychotherapist or psychiatrist to ensure that care is continuous and to avoid duplication of services.

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