Ankle Replacement

Pain and stiffness from ankle arthritis can make it hard to do the things you love—even walking. We can help put your life back in motion. If nonsurgical treatments aren't giving you relief, our experienced ankle replacement surgeons can help.

Benefits of Ankle Replacement Surgery

During total ankle replacement surgery, also called total ankle arthroplasty, your surgeon replaces the affected bone and cartilage with a new metal and plastic joint. Ankle replacement is one of two treatments for advanced ankle arthritis. The other is ankle fusion surgery.

Doctors consider ankle replacement surgery to be more "motion-saving" than ankle fusion. Whether you love doing yoga, like to hike or just want to wear your favorite shoes again, ankle replacement can help you. Keeping the ankle's ability to move also reduces stress on the surrounding joints.

Outpatient Ankle Replacement Surgery

We perform most ankle replacement surgeries on an outpatient basis, which means you go home on the same day you had the procedure.

Our foot and ankle team studied the safety and effectiveness of this approach versus traditional inpatient surgery, which requires a hospital stay. They found that our patients did exceptionally well: They had less pain and better outcomes than the national average.

One reason our patients do so well is because of the expertise of our anesthesiology team. To help control your pain after surgery, they administer peripheral nerve blocks. These blocks can keep your ankle numb for 24 to 48 hours after surgery. They also lessen the need for pain management in the hospital so you can recover at home.

Other Highlights of Our Ankle Replacement Program

The best ankle replacement surgeons

Our ankle replacement team includes national leaders in ankle care. They have led some of the world's foremost foot and ankle organizations and train other doctors in this specialty.

Our foot and ankle surgeons also perform among the most total ankle replacement surgeries in Southern California. Studies show that this kind of experience leads to better outcomes and fewer complications.

High patient satisfaction

Our orthopaedic program uses the National Institutes of Health Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS®). With this innovative tool, we can track patient-reported outcomes related to pain, function and quality of life. PROMIS shows that our patients continue to do well and helps us improve patient care throughout the surgical process.  

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