Going Home

Taking your newborn home is a special time—but it's also normal to have questions or feel overwhelmed. The information and resources provided by our obstetrics and maternity team last well beyond your time with us. Find out how Cedars-Sinai can help support you, and your new addition, in the days, weeks and months after childbirth.

Woman holding illustration of baby to other women

Mom Care

It's important to take care of your own health while you're busy caring for a new baby. Find out how to manage your recovery after childbirth, what to eat and when to call a doctor.

Baby Care

When it comes to caring for a new baby, it's important to know the ABCs. Cedars-Sinai offers a wide variety of parenting classes including vaccinations, feeding your infant, when to call the doctor and how to use a car safety seat.

Toddler player with colored blocks

Lactation Program

If you need information or have problems nursing your baby, the breastfeeding specialists at Cedars-Sinai can help—while you're with us and after you've gone home. Use special phone numbers to call for advice and order extra nursing products, without leaving the house.

Postpartum Depression

It's natural to be a little emotional after childbirth—but if you have mood issues that don't go away, you may have a serious condition that requires treatment. Find out how to get help if you think you might have postpartum depression.