Reproductive Biorepository

Condition: Obstetrics


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Pregnant women who have been scheduled for a genetic counseling, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), amniocentesis, ultrasound and/or for clinical reasons
  • Offspring of the pregnant women who have participated in this study
  • Biological father of the offspring that is the product of current pregnancy

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Women and/or fathers of the fetus who do not wish to participate
  • Women and/or fathers of the fetus who are determined by the investigator to be unable to provide informed consent
  • Mothers and fathers who are younger than 18 years old

Full Study Name

Reproductive Clinical Data Biorepository and Tissue Procurement, Storage and Utilization (IRB no. 006806)


This study focuses on pregnant patients. The purpose of the Prenatal Repository is to gather tissue samples and data to investigate causes of pregnancy complications, such as delivering a premature or small baby and developing diabetes or hypertension during pregnancy. By collecting this information, researchers can explore the possibility of developing new methods of prenatal diagnosis that may be completed earlier or less invasively to identify women at risk. Additionally, samples and clinical information collected as part of this repository may be used to support future research that aims to further scientific knowledge about prenatal development.

Researchers will ask to include participants' babies (by obtaining information from the babies' medical records) and attempt to enroll the biological father of the babies. The biological fathers willing to participate will be contacted through the mother.

Principal Investigator

John Williams III, MD