Neuropsychological Conditions, Diagnostics & Treatments

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms that may signal the need for neuropsychology services include:

  • Decline in memory
  • Altered mental state or confusion
  • Impairment in thinking

Test results can help patients, families and medical providers by:

  • Confirming or clarifying a diagnosis.
  • Revealing the practical implications of a neurocognitive impairment (e.g., how an impaired decision-making capacity relates to home, community, school or work reintegration).
  • Providing a profile of strengths and weaknesses to guide medical staff, rehabilitation, educational, vocational or other services.
  • Documenting changes in functioning since prior examinations, including the effects of treatment.
  • Clarifying what compensatory strategies would help optimize the patient’s functioning.
  • Resulting in referrals to other specialists, such as, but not limited to, cognitive rehabilitation professionals, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educational therapists, special education teachers or vocational counselors.
  • Providing guidance to patients, family members or caregivers, and medical staff.

Develop a behavioral management plan and provide guidance to patients, family members or caregivers, medical staff.

Why refer a patient for a neuropsychological evaluation?

Neuropsychological evaluations (NPE) at Cedars-Sinai assist providers with diagnosis, treatment planning and ongoing monitoring of a patient’s cognitive status. The NPE uses standardized tests and procedures that assess how behavior and skills are related to brain structure. A completed NPE provides doctors with an in-depth understanding of the patient's cognitive abilities, including attention, memory and executive functioning (e.g., planning, organizing and problem-solving) as well as linguistic, visuo-perceptual, motor and sensory skills, and their psychological state.

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