Pediatric Neurosurgery

It's normal to feel anxious and scared if your child needs brain surgery. Our team is here for you during this challenging time. At Cedars-Sinai, newborns, children and young adults receive the highest level of neurosurgical care.

We treat the most complex brain diseases, including brain tumors, stroke and cerebrovascular malformations. Our team stays up-to-date on all the latest pediatric neurosurgery techniques and has been a part of developing and testing new treatment approaches. Our international reputation for excellent results is one reason why other doctors trust us to care for their patients.

Our Approach to Pediatric Neurosurgery

At Cedars-Sinai, our genuine interest in your child's wellbeing, along with top-notch care, is why some patients continue seeing us into adulthood.

Our approach includes:

World-Class Pediatric Care

Cedars-Sinai is home to some of the world's best neurosurgeons. Our experts have made significant contributions, including developing gentler techniques for accessing hard-to-reach tumors. Find out more about pediatric brain tumor care and research.

Specialized Procedures

Our team includes a neurosurgeon who is world-renowned for diagnosing severe spinal cord defects in their earliest stages. Get more information about our fetal neurological diagnosis and treatment program.

Uncommon Expertise

Cedars-Sinai is among the only programs on the West Coast with expertise in treating pediatric cerebrovascular problems such as stroke. We use endovascular techniques and sophisticated instruments, including some developed by our team. Our experts have training in caring for the smallest patients. Learn more about pediatric stroke.

Coordinated Care for Complex Brain Diseases

Children with complex conditions such as brain cysts and skeletal dysplasia benefit from the recommendations of multiple experts. Teams of doctors regularly meet to discuss treatment options and develop personalized care plans.

Our pediatric neurosurgeons work with experts in:

  • Brain imaging (neuroradiology)
  • Child development 
  • Endocrinology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Neurology
  • Pediatric genetics
  • Pediatric oncology
  • Social work

Cancer Won't Stop One Young Dodgers Fan: Alika's Story

Nine-year-old Alika first came to Cedars-Sinai for brain tumor surgery when she was 2 years old. Since then, the brain tumors have come back several times. But with our expert team behind her, she's living an active life. She enjoys dancing and baseball—even throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game.

Clinical Programs and Services

Innovative procedures to fix abnormal blood vessels, including cerebrovascular malformations

The latest techniques for repairing abnormal bone or soft tissue formations in the head or face

Sophisticated testing to detect life-threatening brain and spine conditions and experts who deliver timely treatment after birth

Innovative techniques to remove tumors often without injuring nearby brain tissue

Diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical complications in patients with skeletal dysplasia including hydrocephalus, brain and magnum stenosis and spinal stenosis

Leading-edge care for problems such as Chiari malformations and other arteriovenous malformations

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Pediatric Neurosurgery
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