Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric neurology experts at Cedars-Sinai are leaders in treating complex pediatric neurological problems. We provide personalized care that is unique in the L.A. area. Our evaluation may also include genetic testing to help us get to the source of the problem. Our robust capabilities mean that your child receives the care they need.

Specialized Care for Headaches and Migraines in Children

When children develop headaches, parents often worry about the cause and want to ease their child's discomfort.

Pediatric neurologists at Cedars-Sinai perform a thorough evaluation, including a detailed interview and exam, to get to the source. We may also conduct lab work and, in rare cases, perform an MRI. We then establish a personalized treatment plan that takes into account your child's unique needs. With our evidence-based approach, many children achieve relief without medications.

Expertise in Tics and PANDAS Syndrome

Tics represent a spectrum of uncontrollable movements from barely perceptible habits to more noticeable and sometimes uncomfortable movements. In some cases, mood changes may accompany tics. On rare occasions, children experience tics after a bout of strep throat, known as PANDAS syndrome.

We take a comprehensive approach in evaluating tics. When we conduct lab tests, we consider PANDAS and related autoimmune responses that may be causing tics. Treatment plans typically combine medications and non-medication-based treatments to relieve tics and help make your child comfortable.

Evaluations for Other Atypical Movements and Developmental Concerns

Having a new baby is a particularly stressful time in a parent's life. Parents often become concerned by movements that babies make, wondering if they might be seizures. New parents also want to make sure they are doing everything they can to optimize their child's brain development. We assess your infant and guide you in giving your child the best start possible. We also assess children with signs of development delay and provide parents with tools to help maximize your child's ability to acquire new skills.

Our Neurogenetics Clinic evaluates concerns related to muscle weakness, including myopathy and muscular dystrophy. We also assess children with signs of development delay and provide parents with tools to help maximize your child's ability to acquire new skills.

Neurogenetics Clinic

Our Neurogenetics Clinic provides a multidisciplinary approach toward diagnosing and treating children with inherited diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Our team includes neurologists, neurodevelopmental pediatricians, geneticists and genetic counselors with expertise regarding inherited disorders affecting the nervous system, including leukodystrophies, ataxias, spinal muscular atrophies, neuropathies, muscular dystrophies and any combination of these disorders.

Other Neurologic Conditions We Treat

We evaluate and treat a range of other neurologic problems and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Neurologic Conditions

We care for children with a broad range of disorders affecting the brain, nerves and spine. These conditions include:

  • Epilepsy, a disorder of the nervous system causing temporary bursts of electrical activity in the brain (seizures)
  • Muscular dystrophy, a group of diseases—some of which occur during childhood—that weaken muscles throughout the body
  • Neuropathy, nerve damage
  • Syncope, fainting spells

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Our team includes a pediatric neurologist who completed additional training in neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our services are for children with:

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), difficulty with attention regulation and school behavior
  • Autism spectrum disorder, delay in language and social communication skills that may include behavior concerns
  • Developmental delay, issues preventing a child from reaching typical developmental milestones  
  • Learning disorders, problems affecting a child's ability to participate in educational activities appropriate for their age and grade level
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Pediatric Neurology
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